I love you so much that I don’t wanna watch you leave me baby
Most of all I just don’t wanna be free
I was just sitting here thinking of your kiss
And your warm embrace
When the reflection in a glass
That I held to my lips now baby
Revealed these tears that are all on my face

I would rather go blind boy
Then to see you walk away from me now

I just wanna feel
Real love feel in the home that I live in
Cause I got too much life
Running through my veins
Going to waste
I don’t wanna die
But I ain’t keen on living either

I just wanna feel
Real love and the love ever after
There’s a hole in my soul
You can see it in my face
It’s a real big place

Sadly, I still think of you
Six word story #29 (via bl-ossomed)

(Source: sad-butsassy)